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ORGANO™ is a global Network Marketing company on a mission to spread knowledge of Ganoderma to the entire world. The company vision is to help people improve their lives by reaching new levels of wellness, prosperity and balance, through the opportunity and products. In just five short years, this vision has helped millions around the world.

The ORGANO GOLD products containing organically grown Ganoderma available for purchase are black coffee, mocha, latte, hot chocolate, green tea, red tea and black ice tea. The Ganoderma is also available in capsules-in the three growth forms of the mushroom: mycelium, adult mushroom, and the spore form.  Each of these addresses different types of conditions, for example the mycelium is great for improving mental processes, so we use it for children with ADD, ADHD, to improve concentration and mental acuity, and to calm the mind.  The spore form is helpful for chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart conditions, cancer, auto-immune conditions and more.  Regular Ganoderma is good for all the other symptoms and conditions listed below, especially to boost immune function and support detoxification.

If you already drink coffee, tea or hot chocolate, why not change to a healthy form and get the health benefits and often for less cost (depending on what type of beverage you are drinking now!)

Today, ORGANO™ is a thriving global family in a position to make a positive impact on a massive scale. ORGANO™ is now the proud corporate sponsor of the OG Cares Foundation, a non-profit organization that is helping create the leaders of tomorrow by enriching the lives of young people around the world.


  • Prevents tissue degeneration and in turn avoids the occurrence of various diseases
  • Has anti-aging properties and is believed to aid longevity
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Has been found to be effective in the fighting against various types of cancer
  • Aids the improvement of the blood circulatory imbalance of the body
  • Protects and regulates a number of organs in the body, such as the liver and intestines
  • Good for people suffering from high blood pressure
  • Useful in detoxification of the body and rejuvenation of the cells
  • Has anti-oxidants properties and helps maintain the metabolism of the body
  • Has no side effects regardless of the amount and period of usage
  • Oxygenates the Body
  • Boost stamina and energy
  • Packed with over 150 all-natural antioxidants that fight free radicals
  • Promotes younger skin (GanoDERMA)
  • Promotes deeper, and more enjoyable sleep
  • Promotes detoxification, weight loss

has been used extensively in traditional Chinese medicine (known as Lingzhi or Reishi) for over thousands of years for a wide variety of ailments. Like many such homeopathic cures, western medicine virtually ignored it until the last few decades. But now, the world has taken notice and scores of studies are finding it is useful for treating many chronic problems, with virtually no side effects.


Immune System Support 
It doesn’t just go after the big illnesses. Immune systems are important for cancer sufferers. Some recent work has been carried out which demonstrates that Ganoderma can help boost the immune system and help the fight against cancer. Chemotherapy and radiation as well as their recovery after an operation are all improved for recovery through the use of Ganoderma.. There have also been findings that ganoderma, used regularly, can boost antioxidant levels. 

Cardiovascular Health 
Stressed? Suffering fron angina? Ganoderma has been used to help allay those problems too. Chinese medial studies have found that the mushroom extract can promote blood flow while lowering oxygen consumption in the heart. Plaque can be a killer, blocking and clogging up artery walls. Russian doctors have shown that ganoderma helps prevent that too. 

The Encyclopedia says that ganoderma contains the highest trace of antioxidants in any known food source. 

Protects the Liver 
Ganoderma is also useful for protecting the liver. In many medical studies of people who suffer from hepatitis B and other liver-based problems, help has been given by ganoderma. Three months passed as patients took the extract. In just 30 days there was a proven reduction in SGOT and SGPT. By the end of the trial, they were all at normal levels. 

Often bacteria are one of the major ways people get sick. Which is why it’s great that ganoderma has been proven to be tough on bacillus cereus, candida albicans, Aspergillus niger and E-coli. 

Moreover there is research which posits that it also has antiviral benefits. Herpes 1, herpes 2, the influenza virus, have all been diminished by ganoderma. 

Lower Cholesterol 
High cholesterol? Ganoderma can tackle that by signalling the liver to kick in production. The Swiss Nestle Research Center said that Ganoderma was “a renowned medicinal species” that “inhibited cholesterol synthesis.” 

Cancer Prevention 
This isn’t just any old medical product. Ganoderma has been tested, and the results prove that it helps boosts immunity fights the good fight against cancerous cells in the body. There are some papers which even show it can slow or cancel out cancer metastasis. No-one has yet been able to pinpoint how exactly this happens, but work is still ongoing to try and discover it. Extracts of Ganoderma are often used in medical products sold over the counter to try and battle cancer. Breast cancer trials have shown that drinking Ganoderma green tea has helped allay the growth of cancer cells. 

Radiation Protection 
Ganoderma mushrooms not only boost the power of radiation in tackling bad cells, but they also mitigate against the damage done to good cells. It’s a smart thing. All the problems associated with chemotherapy - vomiting, nausea, high fever, infections, hair loss and weight loss – can be counteracted in some way through ganoderma use. 

Urinary Tract Support 
A trial considering the effects of ganoderma on 88 men suffering from UTIs discovered that it helps significantly. What’s more, it helped inhibit 5-alpha reductase, which is an important enzyme which converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. That helps prevent prostate problems in later life. Work written for the Asian Journal of Andrology shows that ganoderma improves the flow of urine in men with moderate lower urinary tract issues.

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Ganoderma is derived from the Reishi Mushroom.

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