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Rejuvenation Pointe-Edina

This easy to reach location is your opportunity to have your very own BEMER Experience.  With just two 8 minute sessions/day you can experience the optimum effectiveness of this patented, Class II medical device that enhances circulation, promoting overall energy, vitality, strength, conditioning, performance, endurance and healthy aging.  Who doesn’t need more of all of these in their life?

Some people feel “something” with their first encounter with the BEMER, others just know and understand the science of BEMER and want one for their home use.  But many people are the “show me” type and want to know what the BEMER will do for them and their health.  These folks may need more time to recognize the impact on their body.  Thus the concept of The Rejuvenation Pointe was conceived.

At Rejuvenation Pointe you have a membership, like a health club, only this is to provide a “workout” for your muscles’ microcirculation by stimulating local blood flow.  You can have unlimited sessions (2/day) for a set fee/month, to allow you to check out the BEMER for yourself and your family, at a very reasonable cost (special rates apply for multiple family member memberships).

During this COVID 19 period we are taking the following recommended precautions:  

  • Only 2 BEMER Members allowed in the center at a time and with appropriate social distancing (appointments are spaced 30 min apart to accommodate this). 
  • You will be met at the door where your temperature will be taken, using a touchless thermometer.   
  • We ask that you don’t come in if you are not feeling well, or know you have been exposed to someone with C-19.
  • Please wear a mask while in the center.  We have them for sale at the center if you need one.  
  • We also provide hand sanitizer when you enter, and 
  • We disinfect the equipment after each person’s session.

We welcome you to come in to learn more about this German made/Swiss designed device and what it can do for you and your family.

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Rejuvenation Pointe-Edina

Body Centered Healing
Lynell Hage RN
Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and Life Style Educator

CALL US:  612-619-6612